The College of Engineering, Guindy is the most honoured and bears the tag of the oldest engineering college by the establishment in 1794. Even after years of establishment the students are uniquely identified all over the world. CEG inspires to follow your heart and to chase your dream. CEG maintains an efficient industry-academia and social relation encouraging research culture. Our institution has been in the forerunner in implementing the state of the art technology that shapes today's world.

Rotaract Club of CEG is a completely student-run organisation committed for a better tomorrow. The club is charged with primary responsibility of enhancing knowledge and personality development activities to promote international understanding and goodwill. The club develops programmes to induce awareness and ensures the well-being of the society we live by the effective conveyance. Ultimately Rotaract is trying to emphasize "respect the value of each individual".

Sangarsh - 'Transforming Lives' is a Musical Concert organised by RCEG, as a fundraising event resoluted in promoting lives of people. It is a flag ship eventof RCEG. Sangarsh has raised funds worth INR 30 Lakhs over the past 3 years for the needy sections in the society. Through this money we served differently abled, mentally challenged, cancer and thalassaemia patients and renovated a Government school. Though it is a student venture, the strong support by the society is incredible. Our event was honoured by many eminent singers and the patrons who extended their support to us. After successful decades Sangarsh steps into yet another journey to make a difference in society, as the voice of the voiceless.

The eleventh edition of Sangarsh was hosted at the Music Academy, Alwarpet on 20th April, 2014. Great singers like Mukesh, Lady Kash, N.S.K. Ramya, Sakthishree Gopalan, Sharmila, Nikhil Mathew, Ajeesh and Ethirneechal team kept the crowd more enthusiastic.. Sangarsh'13 supported the Thalassaemia affected children for their blood transfusion operations through Thalassaemia Welfare Association..

  1. S Tunes

    • S Tunes

    • S Tunes is an initiative to promote Sangarsh by Rotaract Club of CEG.
    • It is a singing competition in which the winner will get a chance to perform in the Grand stage of Sangarsh'15.
    • It is an open competetion for all the students of the colleges at chennai.
    • You have only Two steps to Step into the grand stage.
    • Entry into this world of fame is just about Rs. 100, which can be paid online. Click here to pay
  2. Step 1

    • Step 1 - Social King

    • The participants should send their singing videos to
    • The videos will be posted in Sangarsh - Transforming lives facebook page.
    • Number of likes will be taken into account for the selection of next round.
    • The video must be for 5 minutes in MP4 format not exceeding 25 Mb.
    • The deadline for submitting your videos - 15.02.2015
  3. Step 2

    • Step 2 - Voice of Conclave

    • The shortlisted candidates will be giving their performance in "Conclave - Convering Minds", an initiative by RCEG.
    • Conclave will be held on 09.03.2015 at the College of Engineering, Guindy.
    • The Selection of finalists of this round solely lies in the hands of experienced judges.
    • The finalists will get exclusive prizes and the winner will get a chance to explore their talent in Sangarsh'15.


  • Kirubagar

  • Marketing Co-ordinator, STunes

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  • Dinesh

  • Marketing Co-ordinator, STunes

  • +91 9688182482

  • Prathap

  • Web Support, STunes

  • +91 7200 796 759

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